The EP ENERGY Group also has renewable energy sources with a total installed capacity of 25 MWe at present. They include wind power, photovoltaic and biogas plants producing renewable energy in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. At Pchery near Kladno, EP ENERGY operates a 2 x 3 MWe installation (put into operation in 2008), which is still the wind power station with the highest unit capacity in the Czech Republic to this day.

EP ENERGY is currently developing new projects for renewable sources that use wind energy. They include in particular large wind parks at Moldava in Krušné hory and in Chomutov.


Company Site Installed
capacity (MWe)
RES type
Mibrag Neue Energie Schleenhain (Germany) 6.9 WPP
VTE Pchery Pchery 6 WPP
Greeninvest Energy Ladná 4 PV
Powersun Hustopeče 1.2 PV
Kyjov 2 PV
Triskata Strážske (Slovkia) 1 PV
Arisun Strážske (Slovakia) 1 PV

RES … renewable energy sources
WPP … wind power plant
PV… photovoltaic plant




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