Pražská teplárenská

PRAŽSKÁ TEPLÁRENSKÁ (PTAS) is the most important thermal energy supplier in Prague. It supplies heat for 265,000 households, and a number of industrial enterprises, schools, institutions and many business entities in Prague. Through its own heat distribution networks with a length of approximately 700 km, it supplies customers with about 14 PJ of heat every year. Pražská teplárenská owns and operates cogeneration units with a total installed capacity of 132 MWe for electricity production and a capacity of 1,707 MWt for heat production. EPH holds an equity interest of 73% in Pražská teplárenská.


Number of households supplied with heat 265,000
Number of heat generating plants 39
Total installed thermal capacity 1,707 MWt
Total installed electrical capacity 132 MWe
Total length of heat supply networks 696 km
Total number of transfer stations 2,283



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