Budapesti Erömü

Budapesti Erömü is a modern and leading heat and electricity producer in Budapest, Hungary with total heat and electricity capacity of 1,401 MWth and 396 MWe, respectively Budapesti Erőmű produces approximately 55% of the district heating in Budapest distributed by FÖTAV (6,3 PJ/y) and covers 3% of total electricity demand in the country (almost 1.4 TWh/y). The company has been supplying energy for the capital for more than 100 years.

Its basic objective is to generate energy from a clean energy source (gas), at the highest possible efficiency and with a minimum environmental impact, as well as steadily and reliably. As a result of the continuous developments, both heat and electricity are generated at a favourable efficiency and at a decreasing cost level. Due to the benefits of cogeneration, mainly the lower fuel consumption, the environmental impact keeps on decreasing. At present, the emitted pollutants are five times less than before the modernisation programme. With its environmentally friendly and efficient production, Budapesti Erőmű proves that a power plant and the residents can live in each other’s direct environment by keeping the other’s interests in mind and working for the future generations.