Jiří Feist director for strategy in the EP ENERGY group


Jiří Feist has been appointed Director for Strategy in the EP ENERGY Group; he formally took over his new position today. Mr Feist has come to EP ENERGY from the ČEZ Group, in which he worked as head of strategy and development.

Jiří Feist has extensive experience in the energy sector and represents a significant strengthening to the personnel of EP ENERGY at this stage of the Group’s dynamic development and acquisitions. At 
EP ENERGY, Mr Feist will help to address strategic issues and will be responsible for regulation and legislation with impacts on the various business lines pursued by EP ENERGY, and also for issues related to the optimisation of the operation of generating capacities.

Jiří Feist (*1962) has worked in energy since 1986. He started in Czechoslovakia’s electrical grid control centre, which he left for ČEZ in 1990. In 1998 he joined ČEPS, in which he served as head of the Strategy and Control Section. In 2004 he returned to ČEZ to take the position as head of strategy and development, where he was responsible for the group’s strategic development. In this position he participated in projects of the company’s expansion in and outside the Czech Republic and the development of new technologies, for example, smart grid and electric vehicle projects.

During his career in energy, Mr Feist has also led projects for the central European countries’ synchronisation to the western European electrical grid and the Balkan countries’ resynchronisation to the Western European system.