Jan Špringl becomes new CEO of EP ENERGY


EP ENERGY, an energy group, has put in place a new organisational structure which includes a new position, that of the Chief Executive Officer. Jan Špringl has become the CEO of EP ENERGY. Marek Janča is the CFO.

The EP ENERGY Group has moved to adopt a normal corporate structure having its own management. “This is the finalisation of the transition from the original arrangement, i.e., a structure of investment holdings, to a standard corporate structure,” said Daniel Křetínský, EP ENERGY Chairman. “The new organisational structure reflects the fact that EP ENERGY has outgrown its original character as a group of purely investment holdings, and has become a classic vertically integrated energy utility,” added
Mr Křetínský.

EP ENERGY’s key strategic points include presence in contracted and regulated energy operations, dynamic activity in acquisitions and growth, and also maintaining a responsive approach to customers, which will continue to be based on an attractive offering of products and services.

“Our objective going forward is to boost positions in the Czech heating sector while ensuring a sustainable future for MIBRAG by way of finalising its vertical integration and, in turn, achieving more important positions in electricity production,” said Jan Špringl, EP ENERGY’s CEO.

As part of implementing the new organisational structure, directors of each of the segment-specific divisions of EP ENERGY have been appointed. Joachim Geisler has become director of the 
COAL MINING division, Tomáš David has been named director of the POWER AND HEAT division, František Čupr heads the RENEWABLE SOURCES division and ENERGY TRADING AND SUPPLY division, and Tomáš Novotný heads the COAL TRADING AND LOGISTICS division.

ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING (EPH) is the sole and 100% owner of EP ENERGY. The shareholders of EPH are PPF (40%), J&T (40%) and Daniel Křetínský (20%).