The EP ENERGY Group is a long-term strategic investor in the energy sector. It is a vertically integrated multinational energy utility including companies operating in electricity production and distribution, heat production and distribution, energy supplies, coal trading, renewables and other areas of the energy sector.

EP ENERGY is an important player in the electricity production market in the Czech Republic. The group focuses on a highly efficient cogeneration, cogeneration units represent the majority of its production capacity. Also the majority of more than 3 TWh of electrical power produced in 2019 originated from cogenerations.

Slovenská distribučná, one of the three main distribution companies in Slovakia, is also a part of EP ENERGY. Its distribution network covers approximately 1/3 of the country and supplies 30 percent of inhabitants of Slovakia.

EP ENERGY is the second largest Czech electricity producer and a major heat supplier. Through its combined heat & power generation plants, EP ENERGY annually supplies more than 4.5 PJ of heat in the Czech Republic, to almost 100,000 households and also for a number of corporate, municipal and institutional customers in regional capitals Hradec Králové and Pardubice, and also in the towns of Most, Litvínov and Chrudim.

EP ENERGY also belongs to major suppliers of electricity and gas for end customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Through Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s. and EP ENERGY TRADING, the company supplied consumers with a total of about 7.0 TWh of electricity and 2.7 TWh of natural gas in 2019.

EP INFRASTRUCTURE (EPIF) is the sole owner of EP ENERGY.